Shopping for a Travel Bed

Did you know that according to Health Canada it’s not safe to let your baby sleep in a playpen or play yard (whatever you want to call it)? I didn’t.

And, I’ve only recently founding this out while doing some vacation planning.

Once baby has reached the maximum weight limit for the bassinet insert, children are no longer considered safe in a playpen for unsupervised sleeping. So, I thought back to when my other two were baby/toddler age and we were going on holidays and I seem to recall that the playpen traveled with us everywhere, and in fact, most hotels even supplied playpens for sleeping.

Anyways. that led me to start shopping for something that is acceptable for baby to sleep in while we’re away.

Here was my criteria:

  • Must meet safety guidelines
  • Must not weigh a million pounds
  • Must be easy for me to put together
  • Must be useful as baby gets older

Bonus if it isn’t a fortune.

After much time on my computer, these were the contenders:

Phil & Teds Portable Travel Crib

Baby Bjorn Travel Crib Light

Lotus Everywhere Crib

After weighing all of the options, factoring in price, and considering shipping cost/times in Canada, we chose the Phil & Teds crib and have now had the chance to give it a test drive.

It was great!

It was small enough when packed up to fit in my suitcase. It only took a couple minutes to set up (after a couple of times, since the plastic can be a little stiff at first), and it has a firm, but inflatable mattress that baby slept very well on. I really liked that the sides were entirely mesh (right down to the floor), so there is no suffocating hazard, and he could see us even when lying down.

At $199 plus tax, it was a much better deal that the Bjorn option too, which retailed locally for over $300 (insane!).



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