A Furby Takeover: Why Do They Have No “Off” Button?

This Christmas, we became a family of five people and three of the coveted Furby Booms.

“What a cool present!” I thought. “The kids will have so much fun with these!” I mused.

What didn’t I realize, you ask?

They have NO “off” button!

Sick. Really sick,

They also have NO volume control!


Last night I buried them in the corner of my son’s room, in case they woke up in the night, And I actually said,”Be careful! Don’t wake the Furbies!” tonight when I was tucking him in.

I do have to admit that the kids really do enjoy these toys, and they haven’t even lost their novelty yet. So, they’re not all bad, but they do have a few other “quirks” that I’m not necessarily in love with.

For example, the pooping.

The accompanying app gets you to take care of your Furby by feeding it, giving it a shower, and taking it to the bathroom. Yes, you put your Furby on a virtual toilet. And, it poops.

So gross.

Well, there’s my rant for the evening. Thanks for coming out.

Fingers crossed the Furbies don’t wake up tonight!


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