A Little Bit Each Day

2014 is full of things I want to do, and things I want to do better.

That’s why my reading list has included one of my favourite blogs. Gretchen Rubin’s Happiness Project blog is written in a helpful way that I find very easy to tie into my own life.

For example, this post on doing a little each day highlights interesting topics for me, and ones that I find really easy and actionable (which I LOVE).

When I write a little each day, a new blog post is easy to achieve. When I tackle a little part of a project each day, the big project gets completed. When I read a little to the kids each night, we have something important to look forward to at bedtime.

And of course, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that doing a little bit over time adds up to a big thing, but for me (and I’m guessing for a lot of people), it’s the reminder that’s needed.

So, today’s another day of doing a little and making sure that stuff is the important stuff (cue the 80/20 Rule)!


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