Gearing up to go Back

While the holidays have seemed to be long this year (which holidays really should, I suppose), it’s getting to be that time for moving back into routines and starting up with school.

It means getting everybody dressed and out the door again, which I admit I’ve enjoyed the break from.

It also means a good time to start some new strategies for not losing my marbles trying to get the crew ready. And, I know I can’t be the only one facing this challenge, so I started to look around…

This blog has a list of tips for making mornings go a little smoother. They’re all practical tips too, but not necessarily realistic in our house. For example, no screens is great in theory (unless I want to have a shower), and switching up breakfast is great if I’m feeling inspired (since I wouldn’t be feeding them a dose of sugar-filled Eggos).

I do, however, think that this post points out some great tips, like setting a “time to finish up breakfast” alarm.

And, of course, all the tips in the world won’t help me if I procrastinate. So, I’m going to get back on the wagon when it comes to making lunches and prepping backpacks the night before.

There are some areas where we’ve made great strides, like making sure that there are a variety of ready-made outfits in the closets, so there’s no “I have nothing to wear” whining going on.

Anyways, here’s to back to school! - Hunger Games?! Rebellion, defiance, threat of starvation, survival...I live that every morning trying to get the kids out the door for school.


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