Keeping the Kids Busy @ the EnergyPlex

So, we recently went back to the EnergyPlex since the kids have been going a little stir crazy (ok, and so have I). I can only play so many games of Go Fish and Netflix movies that I can watch. And, I think I’ve hit that point.

Normally, the EnergyPlex isn’t my number one choice. I usually find that it’s pretty expensive and resent having to pay admission for myself to sit and watch the kids.  Paying three bucks to get through the door so I can supervise them seems a little silly. Maybe even a reason that there are quite a few big kids who don’t seem to actually be supervised at all.

But this go round, there was something new that made me feel like we got our money’s worth (hopefully it doesn’t mean they’ll be upping the entry free).

It was a ball shooter pit, which the kids absolutely loved! A fenced-in and padded area where four cannons face that shoot foam balls are located. It’s set up so that kids can gather the little foam balls and haul them up to the cannons, ready to launch them at each other or the big target bucket mounted to the top of the cage. Pretty cool if you ask me, and the kids certainly approved (since I had to drag them out of there).

Bouncing back and forth between the Energy Cube, the gymnastics facility, and the ball shooter area, we spent a grand total of almost four hours there.

I even discovered that the food is now a little more reasonably-priced and a little bit healthier. For nine bucks, I got coffee and a muffin, and the kiddos got lunch. So, for about $35, we had a great day out. Not so bad for all of us.

Anyways, hopefully we can find some other fun and entertaining activities, but we can definitely fall back on the EnergyPlex if needed.

We haven’t done the laser tag there yet, so maybe that’ll be next!


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