A Trip to the Library: Adventures in Babytime


So, the little one and I finally went down and checked out Babytime at the library downtown yesterday.

Full disclosure here — I do not enjoy doing the hokey pokey and singing in front of other people. However, my four-month-old LOVED it (to put it mildly)!

He was so excited that he started flailing his arms and legs while yelling (not crying) for more singing. If he could speak I’m sure it would have sounded like, “You! More singing! Now!” Picture a tiny little dill sergeant barking orders — that’s what it was like.

So, overall it was a success.

And for $0.50 (for parking), it’s a pretty cheap morning out. Plus, I know that the singing, accompanying actions, and interaction with others babies are great for my little guy. And, forcing myself to be a little uncomfortable is undoubtedly a good thing.

If you have kids that are a bit older, they also have toddler and preschooler sessions. And, the library often runs other programs, such as their Summer Reading Club, which my older ones took part in this past Summer break. Check out their kids programs here.

Maybe I’ll even check out the the Tuesday edition since Love is… going outside your comfort zone and doing the hokey pokey in front of a room full of strangers, right? Well, that and changing diapers, and being puked on, and…


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