What’s in a Name: The Sad State of My Memory

When you’re a parent, you meet about a million kids and their parents–at school, daycare, sports, brownies, etc. If you have more than one kid, that numbers increases by two-, three-, or more-fold.

Some parents (not me) are able to take in all of these names without any trouble, and are fully capable of using that part of the brain that connects those names with their respective faces. This talent is elusive to me. Who are these people?

Every day, I see the same moms and dads at the playground and I am constantly (sheepishly) asking, “Sorry, I’ve forgotten your name again. You’re ________’s Mom/Dad, right?” Except for a handful of parents, I am always searching for their names, and I’m so worried that they’re thinking how rude I am being, when in reality, it’s a case of my almost decade-long baby brain. I sometimes want to attach a sign to my head that states “memory not fully functioning.”

Am I the only mom with this issue? Do other parents look blankly across the schoolyard too? I can’t be the only one, right?

And, will my brain ever return to pre-baby capacity?

Good lord, I hope so.

Anyways, I did a little reading and it looks like most people are looking for help with this in the context of business situations, but the same ideas apply here. For example, Fast Company says to repeat the name twice and try to think of associations.

Then I found this:

An app for people like me!

It’s called Namerick and it’s designed to assist people in remembering names by generating a word association phrase, allowing you to record the person’s name, and sending you reminder texts to help it sink in. It does, however, sound like a lot of work, but maybe I’ll give it a try. If I remember, that is…


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