The Screen Scream

Have you ever looked around the room to find every member of the family staring at different screens?

Well, I have, and it was like a kick in the stomach (and it may have been followed up with a crazy, frazzled mom rant).

I know better. Really, I do. I try to limit my kids’ screen time, but somehow, it always gets away from me. We play a game, then I start to do something like make lunch, and then before I know it, it’s been an hour. Especially if it’s something that the kids played at school, like Cool Math Games, which I feel aren’t so bad.

But, there are times when I talk to them and they’re zoned out, and I feel like hauling every single computer, tv, and tablet out to the curb. And this goes for me and my husband as well. We’re just as guilty, and worse, we’re where they get it.

That’s why I’ve been starting to write my blog posts at night, once the kids are tucked in. The less they see me zombied out in front of a screen, the less normal they’ll think it is. But, it’s tricky, since virtually allof my work is done on a computer. It’s where I write, pay bills, handle emails, read the news, etc.

Well, hopefully I can get back on track with the screen time, but if all else fails, looks for the house will be the one with the pile of smashed up iPads and laptops out front–that’ll be mine.


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