Pro-D Day Fun

Tomorrow is another pro-d (professional development) day for the schools here in Kelowna. That means finding something fun that involves anything but a television, an iPad, or a laptop. I also want to find something that they can do semi-independently (or with my supervision, but while I’m carting around the baby).

This summer, with the kids home, I found a ton of great things to do while the baby was still too small to really even take out of the house. We did water balloon wars, cupcake decorating, bracelet beading, and some other fun activities, so I’m confident I can drum up something to do.

My go-to resource is, of course, Pinterest (which can be both a great source of inspiration and a source of fails). Via Pinterest I found a number of great sites that got me a, “Mom, you’re the coolest!” And a, “This is wicked awesome!” Or two. Plus, most of these activities can be done with stuff found around the house, so they’re virtually free to do (BONUS!). 

Some of my favourite (and easiest to put together) activities are science experiments, and include the ever-popular baking soda and vinegar explosions, with the addition of some food colouring (as seen here) and growing seeds in clear containers (I like the approach found here).

This is another one of my favourites. The good old watch the celery absorb the food colouring. I especially love when the kids make their picks and get excited to “race” for the one that changes colour first.


Anyways, maybe we’ll bite the bullet and carve up the old pumpkins. Or, maybe I’ll get Pinterest going with my morning coffee and try to impress them with my science savvy. Or maybe I’ll cave and slap on some Netflix. Only time will tell.



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