A Visit to the Kelowna Corn Maze

So, my boys and I had a little date night last night, and I took them (well, baby slept the whole time) for frozen yogurt and a trip to the newest corn maze in town.

I was a little skeptical, since it looked a little like we were just driving up onto someone’s driveway, but once we saw that there were other cars and plenty of other visitors, it looked much more legit. My five-year-old loved the giant inflatables at the entrance and getting to lead the way through the labyrinth of corn stalks.

We went right before it got really dark, so it was before all of the maze was lit up with scary skeletons, ghosts, and the like. I was a little bummed that we were too early, but it turned out to be perfect timing. After looking at the scary stuff as we went through, I’m pretty sure the lit-up version would have been way too scary for my little guy. Plus, since we were there in twilight, it was dark enough for him to use his flashlight (a thrill for most kids) and it was still priced just three bucks (the night maze is five bucks).

He loved it and so did I. This is definitely a fun Kelowna Halloween activity that I would recommend. It’s just right if you’re visiting with little ones.

My tip–check out the time for the sun setting. That way you can time your visit perfectly.

Here’s a link to their website with prices and directions.

I love Halloween. Next weekend we’re going to check out the Gelatly Nut Farm Pumpkin Walk!


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