back seat wars

I was an only child. I didn’t have anyone to fight with growing up. So, when my children are screaming, poking, and otherwise provoking each other in the car, I’m constantly asking myself, “Is this actually normal sibling behaviour?” And, “How are my sweet little babies making those exorcist-like screams and growls.” You’d think I was administering the worst torture imaginable.

Over and over I explain to them how lucky they are to have each other, but it seems to fall on deaf ears or ones that are downright defiant. Each day we have time outs and other consequences that arise from the daily routines of driving. Alas, nothing seems to deter them from pushing each other’s buttons (ok, a better comparison might be playing whack-a-mole).

This morning they were honestly fighting about looking at each other. “HE’S LOOKING AT ME!” “NO, SHE’s LOOKING AT ME!” Seriously!? LOOKING at each other! Maybe next will be breathing. Or simply existing. Who knows.

Sometimes, I shake my head, turn up the radio, and just drive. However, sometimes there is no tuning it out. And it’s all I can do to suppress the urge to throw another “when we get home” or “just wait until I tell your dad” into the mix.

I really wish someone would make SUVs with those amazing dividers like they have in limos. I’m pretty sure the person that mass produces that would be the next Warren Buffet. A little on-demand silence in the car would be a delightful treat on mornings like these.

A trip back to rational, logical thinking tells me that I should be employing some tricks to keep them occupied, or enlist their ideas for solving the problem. And, I think I’m just going to swap around the seats to put them carefully out of each other’s reach.

And they say cell phones are a distraction in the car. Ha.

Anyways, time for another cup of coffee.

My rant is now over.


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