getting dressed: stay at home mom confession

Every morning when I get my kids ready for school, I make sure they have clothes that match, are appropriate for the weather, and are free of stains, rips, etc. In this domain, I am confident that my parenting is up to code.

However, (and thank god the kids are still too young to really notice and/or be embarrassed by it) I don’t really hold myself up to that same (relatively low) standard. And, this, I find somewhat depressing.

Before my maternity leave, I wore pants with zippers, high heels, eyeliner, and jewelry not designed to withstand the yanking of small hands. I kept my flatiron handy because I used it every day. Now, it sits idly by while I reach for a hair elastic.

I must also admit being guilty of wearing Lululemon everything and rationalizing that because I spent $100 on my pants that it counts as dressing up. (This is a load of crap. I know. I know.)

And, like most moms in the post-baby phase, I refuse to buy new clothes because I WILL fit back into my old clothes. So, I probably could use a little updating.

As I mentioned in my last post, I’m looking at what I would do if I wasn’t afraid, and taking time for myself without feeling guilty is on that list for me.

So, here and now, I commit to putting in at least a little more time for myself.

I’ll feel better, which in turn will make me a better mom and wife, making it all guilt-free!

Easy peasy, right? We’ll see!



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