little boys and fart jokes


Having a five year old boy is sometimes like visiting another planet.

Coming from an only child household, I find it fascinating — sort of like watching National Geographic. I’ve been laughing so much at some of the things that I never though I would say, but as the mom to a busy little boy they’re now part of my everyday life. I am regularly awed by the sheer strangeness of the words coming out of my mouth, and lately, I’ve been keeping mental notes of the best and most bizarre sound bytes coming from our house:

  • People are coming over. Please put some pants on.
  • Stop trying to lick your sister.
  • No, you can’t slide down the stairs in your rocket ship.
  • Please remember to take the rocks out of your pocket.
  • Underwear does not count as getting dressed.
  • Please, can you try to pee in the toilet?
  • Why yes dear, those are some awesome ninja moves.
  • No, I can’t pack you two lunches for school.
  • Oh, you’re excited to teach your baby brother to fart? Lovely.
  • I’m not taking you out of this house until you have pants on.
  • You’re right, boys do have nipples and girls do have boobies.

Gotta love boys — in all their bathroom joking, burping, bulldozing glory. Before I had a little boy I NEVER would have thought that a fart joke or streaking through the living room could be endearing, but it is. Oh, how the mighty have fallen.



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