the dreaded immunizations

Looming over me today is my son’s immunizations. And the poor guy doesn’t even know what’s coming. I, on the other hand am watching him napping peacefully, knowing that it’s quite likely I’ll be coming home in a few hours with a cranky and altogether not feeling well little baby. I’ll also probably be saying goodbye to the sleeping through the night schedule that I’ve been so delicately trying not to disturb.

Of course, I know it’s for the greater good. I’m not one to abstain from vaccinations, nor do I have anything negative to say about them. I’m not sure that I’ll always feel the same way, but as it stands – we vaccinate.

Anyways, we’re all stocked up on the necessities – baby motrin, thermometer, and lots of extra baby cuddles.

At least it’s not nearly as bad as when they’re three and screaming like you’re trying to murder them. That’s SO. MUCH. WORSE. And usually it means a stop for ice cream on the way home (or the toy store if I’m feeling desperate), where I will inevitably get some for myself, because I am weak for anything sweet. Even if it’s only ten in the morning. Oh well.

Fingers crossed everything goes well, and I don’t end up writing my next blog post at 2:00am from the rocking chair.


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