happy Birthday to… everyone?

Something no one ever told me about being a parent was the sheer volume of birthday parties that my kids would be invited to. Almost weekly, we make a trip to the store to pick up the latest toy on the block for one of the kids’ school/sports/brownie friends. I think I may want to consider buying Barbies and Hot Wheels by the pallet.

This isn’t a ranting post, since I’m grateful that my kids have made so many great friends and that they’re getting to enjoy a fun afternoon with these friends, it’s simply an observation.

This coming week, the kids each have one party to attend, so I’ll be making my routine Toys’R’Us trip. And I don’t begrudge these presents, since parties these days now cost a small fortune.

Parties are rarely at home and run the gamut from cupcake decorating to kid-friendly zip lining (I know!) and it’s not uncommon to foot a bill of $15-20 a kid. Insane, right? But, it’s the norm these days, and as every parent knows, that’s the deal.

And the goodie bags are now a little more in line with what’d you’d expect in your Oscar swag bag. It’s less vending machine trinkets and more like a Luis Vuitton bag or an Hermes scarf. Ok, so I may exaggerate a little, but I’m pretty sure some goodie bags my kids have come home with cost more that the present I sent.

But, like most other parents, I do it too. My kids are already choosing between lazer tag and ceramic painting for this year.

Perhaps I should venture into the birthday party business? With my ever-present Pinterest addiction, I’m pretty sure I could whip up a few million awesome theme parties!


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