powerful article with some fascinating parenting insights

powerful article with some fascinating parenting insights

I happened to stumble across this fascinating article, and it gave me a few things to ponder. Normally, I’m pretty conservative in my behaviour. I don’t like to be the centre of attention, and I don’t take a lot of risks (even when I probably should). I worry WAY too much about what other people think, and it turns out, that’s not only at my own expense, but also my kids.

So, I think I need to challenge myself to put myself out there a little more (part of the reason I’ve taken the leap and started this blog). I want my kids to brave the unknown, challenge themselves, and not opt for the safe route because it may make them feel vulnerable. Of course, I want them to do all this within the confines of their values and good judgment.

This is certainly an important parenting lesson that I need to keep close for those days when I’m feeling shy or when I start thinking about turning away from an opportunity because of vulnerability.

I love a little inspiration to kick start the day!


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