the mall

With a baby, there isn’t alway a lot to do outside the house. So, I tend to end up at the mall, which is a very tempting go-to when I just need to get out (which never happens…)

I can grab a coffee, go for a stroll, and even pop into the handy parenting room to feed baby.

But… These mall people sure know their stuff. Because I can’t help being drawn into the stores, and thinking about all the stuff I don’t need (or at least I start out not needing it. By the end, I’m very good at rationalizing that I do, indeed, ended these things).

Funny thing is that this parenting room, equipped with high chairs, arm chairs for nursing, family bathrooms, and emergency diapers is locked up like Fort Knox. They change the four-digit pass code monthly, and you have to sign a form to get the code in the first place. But, hey – they have a place to take baby for a break and a snack, so I’d sign just about anything to get in. And if there were a grocery stor that had this setup, I’d be there in a heartbeat!


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