Top Five Family Friendly Activities in Kelowna

I can’t tell you how much time I spend looking for fun (and preferably cheap – or, dare I say it, free) activities in Kelowna that I can do with my kids.

Here is a list of my favourite family-friendly activities in Kelowna:

1)      Mission Creek Park

This is a top pick with my kids, since there are always kids at this park, ready to play.  There is nothing worse than taking your kids to the park and finding that there is no one to play.  Plus, when there are kids to run around with, you can enjoy a moment to sit on a nearby bench and relax (at least for a minute).   There is also an abundance of swings, slides, and teeter-totters, so there isn’t much in the way of playground gridlock.

2)      The Farmers Market

Running from April until September at the parking lot across from Orchard Park Shopping Centre, this is another favourite.  First stop is always the kettle corn, which is guaranteed to keep the kids happy for the duration of the outing.  Next is Mom’s change to stock up on the fresh, local (and often organic) fruit, veggies, dairy, meat, or baked goods.  In addition to all this, there are often entertainers, local artisans, and some of the best people-watching around!

3)      Kelowna City Park – Children’s Water Park

How can you beat a free water park in the heat of summer?  Simple.  You can’t.  This water park has been delighting kids in the Okanagan  since I was begging my parents to take me there a couple of decades ago, but it’s still a standard for surviving summer in Kelowna with kids.  Grab your sunscreen, towels, and a picnic lunch and you’ve got a perfect Saturday.

4)      The H20 Centre

Ok, so this isn’t the cheapest option, but c’mon – this place is pretty darn cool.  If your kids aren’t mesmerised by the standing wave and the countless people that are tossed off it, then the slides will win them over.  Plus, the little ones have a great sliding, spraying, and wading area to enjoy.   If you have a couple of hours to spend here to get your money’s worth, this option is a definite winner.

5)      The EnergyPlex

Without a doubt, this is the one place that my kids will agree on.  There is no part of this place that they don’t like (me – I don’t care for their “no outside food” rule or that as an adult, I have to pay to sit on a bench).  In this multi-level climbing structure, complete with bouncy area, tunnels, rope bridges, and twisty-slides, kids love this place and I always feel better after I leave, knowing I’ve had a top-notch workout climbing through this obstacle course. Plus, the rock climbing wall is pretty exciting for the kids.



This is just a sampling of the great places to take your kids in Kelowna, whether you live here or are just in town for the weekend.  If you’re already in the know and you have any suggestions to share, please comment below! 


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